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The Travel Mugs That HuffPost Readers Say Are Actually Worth Buying

Aug 28, 2023

A Contigo Cortland Chill stainless steel water bottle, Yeti Rambler with a hot shot cap and a Zojirushi stainless steel mug.

Whether it’s coffee, tea, water, yerba mate, Bloom or Athletic Greens, you have to have your morning drink. And if you’re going to work, taking kids to school or otherwise leaving the house, you likely have a rotating selection of slightly leaky containers you take with you on the go.

To help you stay upbeat and hopefully not covered in your drink as you start your day, we asked HuffPost readers on the Life and Parenting Facebook pages for their favorite thermoses, tumblers, cups and water bottles for daily commutes or busy days out of the house.

Facebook user Jayme Carlson said it best, noting that her favorite drink containers (the Yeti Rambler and Stanley IceFlow tumbler) are something she “swore I’d never pay for but have proved to be worth it.” Like Carlson, many readers suggested specific brands and styles of tumblers and bottles that aren’t the cheapest options on the shelf, but earn their price tag tenfold. Some containers have been shown to never leak, so much so you can throw it full of coffee in your gym bag, while others keep beverages at their desired temperature for hours.

To jumpstart your morning routine and to replace your cabinet of cheap novelty thermoses and mismatched insulated cups for which you can’t find the lid, here are HuffPost readers’ favorite daily commuter cups — the only tumblers you will ever need.

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"I love my Brümate Toddy coffee mug," said HuffPost Facebook follower Andrea Price. "I can toss it in my bag and it has never leaked." If you enjoy drinking your morning cup from an actual mug but need a little more protection, this 16-ounce stainless steel cup has a locking leakproof lid that can be twisted for lefties or righties.

$21+ at Amazon (regularly $29.99)


HuffPost's director of office services Greta Geiselman recommends this insulated bottle with a flip-lock spout lid. "This is my favorite bottle, I have it in 25 and 17 ounces. They are slim, I love the locking mechanism and they're easy to drink from or add a straw if I'm feeling fancy or lazy," she said.

$19.49 at Target (regularly $25.99)


On Facebook, Lesley Foster suggested the Zojirushi stainless steel mug. "It never leaks, has a lock to keep it shut, keeps hot for 12 hours and cold for 24+. [It has a] stainless interior, compact design is great for tossing in a bag. I've had one for at least 8 years and it's still going strong."HuffPost Shopping's managing editor Emily Ruane has two of these Zojirushi thermoses — the 16-ounce stainless steel mug pictured here and the stainless steel food jar, which she uses for both her kids’ lunches or her own to-go coffee when needed. “These are really the best travel mugs and I think everyone is sleeping on them. If you put anything — liquid or solid — into one of these receptacles, it is never coming out,” said Ruane. “My food jar has a really secure screw-top lid with a vacuum seal that keeps my kids' food piping hot or my coffee ice cold for hours. Like, the ice doesn't even melt. Our nanny also uses the stainless steel mug to transport milk to the playground. It gets knocked around like crazy in the stroller/diaper bag and it has never spilled a drop, plus the milk stays cold even during the summer. The mugs are on the pricy side, but I've had both for years and I really feel that they're worth every cent."

Thermos: $23.99+ at Amazon

Drinkable food jar: $29.99 at Amazon


Brandi Whitt on Facebook likes the 16-ounce stainless steel Serengeti ultimate tumbler with a spill-proof lid. It comes in dozens of prints showcasing dogs and cats. "I just bought one for my mom’s birthday. So cute and works great!" Whitt said.

$17.99+ at Amazon


Facebook follower Mallory Raschke doesn't drink coffee, but says she "doesn't go anywhere" without water in her Owala FreeSip bottle. It's 24 ounces, keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and has a super user-friendly spout with a built-in straw that lets you either sip or tilt and swig from the spout. HuffPost executive editor Kate Palmer is a fan of this style for her kids, too.

$2.77+ at Amazon


The cup Jayme Carlson swore she'd never pay for but said is worth the money: the Yeti Rambler 18-ounce with the hot shot cap for coffee or tea. It's dishwasher-safe, 100% leakproof and will keep your beverage hot for hours. Two other Facebook users, Van Guinan and Lia Polum, agreed that Yeti Ramblers are worth the extra money for their quality and longevity.

$30+ at Amazon


For cold drinks, Jayme Carlson said the Stanley IceFlow tumbler is the other cup that she swore she'd never splurge for, but uses every day. A sporty version of the beloved Stanley Quencher, it keeps ice frozen for up to 35 hours and has an easy-carrying handle and a leak-proof lid, making it perfect to take on the go or to throw in a bag.

$25+ at Amazon


Speaking of the beloved Stanley Quencher, Samantha Clifford likes Simple Modern's take on the sleek, high-volume style: the 40-ounce Trek tumbler. It's dishwasher-safe, tapered at the bottom to fit car cup holders and has an ergonomic handle that's easy to grab.

$29.99 at Amazon


For hot and cold drinks, Sarah Ingalls and Sara Borka both recommended the Contigo Cortland Chill with a lid that seals at the push of a button. It's made for one-handed drinking, has a 100% spill-proof lid and keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 6 hours. Kim Nguyen added: "If I don’t finish my coffee on the way, I can toss it in my bag and not worry about it leaking. And it keeps drinks hot for a long time."

$22.99 at Target


Caroline Payne likes another Contigo option, the Byron travel mug. "[It] doesn’t leak, holds a decent amount and keeps my tea hot for hours," she said.

$26.23+ at Amazon


To really help ensure a smooth morning, Vanessa Zuroski suggested grabbing this car cup holder with an adjustable base. "Whatever the mug, I highly recommend this cup holder. It adjusts for cups large and small, with handles and without. I have arthritis and can easily adjust this with one hand," she said.

$32.99 at Amazon

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